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The preparation of the PMUD is a highly participatory process, and the plan must not only be accepted, but also embraced by the community.

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2022 Chisinau Municipality Mobility Questionnaire 

Participate and contribute to the realization of a cleaner, efficient and fair mobility system in the City of Chisinau!

What is the mobility questionnaire?

It is a questionnaire addressed to all citizens in the city to find out more information about how residents move within the municipality.

Why do we need your input?

Your answer will help the local government to better understand how you get around, what your travel needs are, what you think about public and private transport, what the cycling and walking conditions are like, and what you would like to improve the local transport system.

In what period can it be completed?

October-November 2022

How is it completed?

The questionnaire includes 12 questions and can be completed online in Romanian and Russian and takes only 15 minutes. Complete right now by accessing one of the links below:

Track public events and meetings

In August, we launched the SUMP Chisinau development process. Many more events to come, stay tuned. We will have several workshops, round tables, public presentations, site visits and webinars.

Contribute good ideas

You have a project idea that could help improve Chisinau's transport system. Do not hesitate to contact us -