About Civitta

CIVITTA Strategy & Consulting SA (further referred to as CIVITTA), former GEA Strategy & Consulting, was established in 2006 and has been a leader on the Romanian market in consulting services for public authorities and private clients over the last decade. In the last 10 years CIVITTA Strategy & Consulting / GEA Strategy & Consulting helped more than 30 cities, metropolitan areas, counties or regions in Romania to prepare strategic planning documents (including SUMPS) and implement projects.

Key projects: Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan Kaunas (finalist for the 8th European SUMP Award), SUMP Klaipeda City, SUMP renewal Cluj-Napoca & metropolitan area, Cross border SUMP Maramureș County (Mobi project), SUMP renewal Zalău, SUMP renewal Arad, SUMP renewal Bistrita, Regional Strategy for Sustainable Urban Mobility and Smart Cities for the North West Development Region 2021-2027, Belarus Improvement of Road Safety Management in Belarus, Road Safety Audit -52149, Kyzalorda-Zhezkasgan Rehabilitation Project, Kazakhstan, Mariupol Trolleybus SubProject – Corporate Development and Stakeholder Participation Programme, Kryvyi Rih Trolleybus SubProject Programme, Iași Metropolitan Area Integrated Urban Development Strategy 2015-2023, as well as scientific support in knowledge exchange projects like TRAM / Space4People / E-Mobi City.

About Bogazici Proje Engineering Inc

Boğaziçi Proje Mühendislik A.Ş. Is headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey (Established in 2005) and takes pride in leading with the most advanced techniques and technology in transportation and logistic planning, engineering, design and supervision. We take pride in thinking out of the box and having the technical understanding essential to achieve truly integrated transport systems that meet communities (e.g. private operators, public operator, authorities, end-users such as residents and visitors) needs today and in the future. Our main objective is to combine local needs and conditions with technical knowledge and experience to reshape accessible and economically sustainable cities of different sizes and scales.

Our firm has extensive experience and knowledge in transport sector particularly in Strategic Sustainable Transport Planing (Urban Mobility Plans) projects, proposed actions and feasibility studies. Walking and bicycling are essential components of our Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans, we also have well experience in pedestrian and cycling master plans.

Key projects: Kocaeli SUMP (IPA Funded), Diyarbakır Sustainable Urban Transport Plan, İzmir Cycling Plan, Konya Cycling Plan, İzmir Pedestrain Plan.

About Rupprecht Consult – Forschung & Beratung GmbH

Private consultancy and research company, specialised in urban mobility, active in Europe and worldwide. Multidisciplinary team of over 20 consultants with expertise in transport, urban planning, geography, architecture and social sciences. Three core teams:

- integrated planning;

- collective and intelligent mobility,

‐ people-focused mobility solutions.

Rupprecht Consult provides integrated solutions for sustainable development of cities in Europe and world-wide while being a leader in research on topics strategic mobility planning, electromobility, intelligent transport solutions (e.g. automation). Strong competencies in preparation, support, and monitoring of planning and participatory processes with experience in project development and project management.

Key projects: Tender development for SUMP Augsburg (DE), Mobility plans Düsseldorf, Hesse (DE), SUMPs Euskirchen, Bielefeld (DE), SUMPs Brașov & Constanța (RO), SUMP Arequipa & Trujillo (Peru), SUMP Kyiv-Podilskyi district, Poltava & Zhyzomyr (Ukraine)

About TTL Planning

TTL PLANNING (further referred to as TTL) is a Romanian company whose main activity is engineering and technical consultancy related activities. We provide a wide range of transportation consultancy and planning services including traffic engineering, economic analysis in transport, sustainable transport planning, analysis, evaluation and prioritization of options, development and accessibility planning, public and private transport planning, public service contracts, traffic assessment and forecast as well as development of transport strategies.

Key projects: Over 20 SUMP’s for medium-big Cities in Romania (Cluj Metropolitan Area, Iași Metropolitan Area, Arad City, Bistrița City, Deva City, Câmpulung City & others)

- Public Transport Service Perfomance Evaluation / Optimisation & Public Service Contract (Metropolitan areas: Buchrest, Iași, Bacău, Cities: Deva, Brăila, Slatina & others)

- Trasin Aquisition for National Rail Authority, Rehabilitation of 6 Rail station in South part of Romania (SRCF-Bucuresti), Rehabilitation of Pașcani – Darmanesti – Frontiera Rail Line 500 & Others), Traffic Studies (Sibiu City Urban Train, Bacau Metropolitan Train, Pitesti City West Bypass, Vaslui City Bypass, Reghin City Bypass, Sfantu Gheorghe City Bypass & Others).

About BCI

Business Consulting Institute is a consulting organisation with a multidisciplinary portfolio of consulting services in the Moldovan consultancy market. BCI has an acknowledged reputation for developing economic strategies for urban and rural areas, as well as national and cross-border regions, and benefitted from a wide range of donor technical cooperation programs, funded by international organisations and institutions, as well as by governmental institutions of Moldova, having elaborated over 150 Local Development Strategies for districts, towns and communities countrywide.

BCI cooperates with Chisinau City Hall for over 20 years. 

Key implemented projects: Elaboration of the Territorial Development Strategy of Chisinau municipality and the Master Plan of the municipality Chisinau till 2025; Develop the Transportation strategy to 2010 and legal and normative regulations; Develop the Opportunity study and legal requirements for set-up parking management system; Assessment and set-up the price system and management of the land in the Chisinau municipality; Diagnostic Analysis and Business Plan for the Apă-Canal Chişinău, RTEC and Urban Park municipal companies.