MOVE IT like Lublin

The project "MOVE IT like Lublin," funded by the European Union, will develop a sustainable urban mobility plan for the city of Chișinău

The EU project "MOVE IT like Lublin" – the Sustainable Public Transport Development Initiative in Chișinău, organized three discussion sessions, titled "Mobility for the Future," with the aim of defining the strategy for urban mobility development until the year 2030.

Experts from Romania, Germany, Turkey, and the Republic of Moldova, members of the Public Transport Working Group, representatives of the Chișinău City Hall, urban planners, and civil society participated in the discussions.

As a result, those present at the debates on May 17, 24, and 25, 2023, managed to outline perspectives for the development of the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan for the city of Chișinău.

"This plan will reflect our strong commitment to a better future for the city. By promoting public transport, active mobility, and smart technologies, we aim to create a more accessible, safer, and environmentally friendly city," stated Octavian Lungu, the manager of the "MOVE IT like Lublin" project.

In this document, the City Hall aims to address various challenges related to heavy traffic, lack of parking, a high number of road accidents, air pollution, or the lack of inclusion in the existing transportation system.

"We will continue to collaborate with stakeholders and adapt the document to the realities of Chișinău, based on which the city will develop until 2030. It is a joint effort to make Chișinău a model of excellence in urban mobility that meets the needs of its citizens," emphasized Reinhold Stadler, an expert in urban mobility.

The Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan is developed by a consortium of 5 international companies selected through an international tender.

The plan will be completed by the end of 2024 and is based on a common vision, including short, medium, and long-term measures, with a focus on developing public transport and promoting urban mobility.


The "MOVE IT like Lublin" project - the initiative for the sustainable development of public transport in the municipality of Chisinau, financed by the European Union, is implemented on the basis of a partnership between the City Hall of Chisinau and the City Hall of Lublin in Poland. The project will be implemented by 2025 and will provide support to transform the city's public transport services into a more inclusive, safer, more resilient and sustainable transport system. The total budget of the project is in the amount of 3,500,000 euros, of which 3,325,000 euros is the contribution of the European Union in the form of a grant, and 175,000 euros are allocated by the Chisinau City Hall.