The most effective European practices in the field of public transport management - taken over by representatives of Chisinau City Administration during a study visit to the city of Lublin, Poland

Between July 17-22, 2022, representatives of Chisinau City Administration participated in a study visit, complemented by a training program in the city of Lublin, Poland. The visit of the municipal delegation was hosted by the City Administration and the Public Transport Authority (ZTM) of Lublin with the aim of sharing the European experience of local authorities in Lublin in the field of efficient urban public transport management. The study visit was organized within the "MOVE IT like Lublin" project - an initiative for the sustainable development of public transport in Chisinau, financed by the European Union and implemented by Chisinau City Administration.

"I am pleased that Lublin can support the dynamic changes taking place in the Republic of Moldova, which has the status of a candidate country for joining the European Union. This project is not only a chance to share good practices and valuable experiences while implementing modern solutions in the urban transport sector, but also an opportunity to promote our cities globally by bringing communities together. I am convinced that this cooperation in the implementation process of the project 'MOVE IT like Lublin - an initiative for the sustainable development of public transport in Chisinau' will also generate other joint projects, in the long term perspective" said Krzysztof Stanowski, Director of the Center for International Cooperation, Lublin City Administration, Poland.

The city of Lublin is well-known for its high quality of life, being one of the main university centers and one of the economic poles of eastern Poland. At the same time, the city is an example of progress and performance in terms of efficient public transport. Currently, its development is mainly focused on electro-mobility and ecology. Thus, during their stay in Lublin, the representatives of the City Administration and the General Directorate of Public Transport and Communication Ways of Chisinau became familiar with the rules for planning and regulating public transport, suburban communication ways, as well as best practices in organizing waiting stations and the organization of the urban parking system in Lublin. At the same time, the participants of the study visit were informed about the innovative systems of issuing travel tickets and studied the methods of tarrif formation policies in Lublin for public transport. Later, the representatives of the Chisinau City Administration made a documentary visit to the Traffic Monitoring Center in Lublin and to the Municipal Public Transport Enterprise.

"We are glad to have the opportunity to take over the experience of local authorities of Lublin, Poland, thanks to the EU project "MOVE IT like Lublin". Certainly, this first study visit will allow us to get to know the best practices of modernizing the urban public transport system, which we will later implement in Chisinau, starting with the implementation of development policies and strategies in the field of transport and finishing with the expansion of dedicated bus lanes, the adaptation of the road infrastructure to both traffic and people's needs, the creation of the traffic monitoring center, alongside the installation of the new equipment of the waiting stations." said Ilie Ceban, the Deputy Mayor of Chisinau.

The "MOVE IT like Lublin" project, financed by the European Union and implemented by the City Administration of Chisinau in partnership with the City Administratoin of Lublin aims to modernize and make the municipal public transport system more efficient by taking over the best European practices in the field, as well as by strengthening the institutional capacities of the local authorities in Chisinau. The beneficiaries of the project are all residents and guests of Chisinau, especially those who use the municipal public transport system.


The "MOVE IT like Lublin" project - the initiative for the sustainable development of public transport in the municipality of Chisinau, financed by the European Union, is implemented on the basis of a partnership between the City Administration of Chisinau and the City Administration of Lublin in Poland. The project will be implemented by 2025 and will provide support to transform the city's public transport services into a more inclusive, safer, more resilient and sustainable transport system. The project provides for the improvement of urban transport policies at the municipal level, by ; increasing the institutional capacities of the Chisinau City Administration, in accordance with best European Union practices in the field of urban mobility; increasing the quality of public transport management in Chisinau through sustainable innovative solutions and technologies. Additionally, within the project, a model of a modern Traffic Monitoring Center will be established and a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan for Chisinau will be developed. The project will also digitize operations such as e-ticketing and web applications for public transport, reflecting best practices of European Union cities, including Lublin.

The total budget of the project is 3,500,000 euros, of which 3,325,000 euros is the contribution of the European Union in the form of a grant, and 175,000 euros are allocated by the Chisinau City Administration.

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