Repeated announcement on the contracting of services for the organization of an information campaign concerning public transport dedicated bus lanes, carried out within the EU "MOVE IT like Lublin" Project

Chisinau City Administration informs that the “MOVE IT like Lublin” Project - a initiative for sustainable development of public transport in Chisinau, funded by the European Union, includes several priority actions, one of which is the promotion of the implementation of public transport dedicated bus lanes. In order to raise awareness of the benefits of this approach to transport prioritization, a specialized company will be hired to organize the campaign to inform the inhabitants and guests of the capital about the dedicated bus lanes implemented on the main streets of the city. In congested cities, the use of dedicated bus lanes avoids congestion, delays and has as a result a modern public transport network based on efficiency and punctuality.

Interested companies can submit bids on the electronic procurement platform (MTender) until July 7, 2022 (15:00):

All activities in the information campaign must be in accordance with the Project Communication and Visibility Plan and the European Union Visibility Guide